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Where to Make Wishes

Magic locations in the center of Moscow


The New Year’s Eve is a time when the dearest wishes come true. But to make them come true, you should wish them in certain, the most magical places of the city.

Kilometer zero

Not far from the Historical Museum, on the paving of Red Square near the Voskresensky Gate, there is a mark of kilometer zero. The distances to the capital are counted from here. To make a wish, you need to stand in the center of the circle and then throw a coin over your shoulder.

Grandfather Mazai and the Hares Sculpture

You can find many sculptures in the Museon, but one of them is said to have magical, “wizardly” properties. After making a wish, you need to stroke the little hares and rub their ears. It is important to do it carefully as there have been cases when they have been snapped off.

Observation deck

It is worth going to Sparrow Hills observation deck to make a truly meaningful wish with a view of the entire city center.

Grotto Ruins

The grotto is at the Middle Arsenalnaya Tower of the Kremlin. There are two options for making a wish here: to hide a coin in the grotto walls or find a one someone else has left here before.

The Heart Monument

It’s one of the city’s newer magical places, but they say it works just as effectively. When making a wish, you have to go through the silver heart.

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