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Summer Collection: 7 Seasonal Moscow Desserts

Tropics, forest, and apiaries — sweets with a special taste


We will tell you about seasonal desserts you simply must try in Moscow restaurants before the end of August. These are sweets offering a taste of the tropics, thick woods, country apiaries and gardens, foggy fjords, and other places where you might spend your holidays.

Elena Zheleznyakova, the Coffeemania! chain’s pastry chef and the winner of “Yes, Chef! Women” Resto-Rating Award, is the person responsible for the chain’s range of seasonal desserts. Be sure to try the coffee shops’ special cakes before the end of August. For example, try the “Exotic” with coconut, pineapple and passion fruit or “Strawberry & Lime,” a coconut sponge cake stuffed with fresh strawberries, lemon-lime mousse, and lime jelly. For vegetarians, there is the “Raspberry & Coconut” cake, a vegan banana biscuit sandwich with banana milk cream, coconut, and cashew nut butter. The “Glass of Strawberry Mojito” dessert could be the special treat that helps you bid farewell to summer: mojito pastry cream with coconut milk coupled with mint paste and strawberry foam. In it, the strawberry sweetness is balanced with orange and a slightly tart taste of lime.

This neobistro’s range of summer desserts pays special attention to seasonal fruits and berries. A generous handful of wild strawberries is added to airy Pavlova. Open puff pastry eclairs are prepared with the same wild strawberries, plus pistachio cream, and millefeuille is served with red currants and cherries.

Restaurant critics agree that this place’s dessert menu can stand on its own and is in no way inferior to the main menu. Its seasonal sweet offerings, such as its smetannik with fresh raspberries, cheesecake with baked milk, baked yogurt, and wild strawberries, millefeuille with vanilla cream and fresh blueberries, and strawberries with lime cream on coconut brioche, are perfect for anyone who misses the tropics but must spend August in Moscow.

This summer, this gastrobistro has updated its coffee and dessert menu. The focus is on a variety of berries, fruits, and the freshest honey. Thus, berry jelly is made from raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries, and blueberries. The strawberry with kiwi cake looks like a huge juicy berry covered with chocolate icing hiding a delicate mousse with bits of kiwi. The large honey cake has been complemented with the aroma and taste of farm buckwheat honey — the sweet gold of the summer added to pie shells layered with sour pastry cream. As for seasonal beverages, the blackcurrant raf competes with the ever-popular lavender raf. Rather than the traditional vanilla, they have added honey to the cocoa.

The summer dessert menu at Uilliam’s was inspired by the atmosphere and culinary traditions of the regions of Italy. There are several main desserts: crumble with cherries and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, warm lava cake with a choice of a scoop of ice cream or fruit sorbet, and an almond flour tart with lemon curd and toasted meringue. Most of the restaurant’s guests believe the last can be considered the major sweet taste of summer.

Buro TSUM’s pastry chef Yulia Posazhennikova has prepared a couple of seasonal novelties. These are the sorrel sorbet with coconut ganache and the tarte Tatin with elderberry, caramelized apple, elderberry liqueur, and vanilla sauce.

The “Rediscovering Russia” dessert set is dedicated not only to domestic tourism and the wonderful destinations of the country, but also to the problems of the regions. Thus, the dessert in the form of wild mushrooms with Siberian berries soaked in wood smoke reminds guests of Siberia’s annual forest fire problem. Anyone who tries the dessert will be inspired not only to tour through Russia, but also to help save its forests. If the dish seems too complicated, many other desserts with seasonal berries can be ordered and washed down with dandelion wine.

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