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The best spots to get a view of the city

Moscow from a bird's eye view


Here's a quick guide to the spots from which you can get a view of the capital, from iconic high-rises to unusual panoramic sites.

The most famous observation point of the city, from which you can see Luzhniki Stadium, Novodevichy Monastery, the skyscrapers of Moscow City, and the Kremlin towers. The observation deck resembles an enormous balcony: it is located at the very edge of the hill adjacent to the Moskva River. You can get up there by riding a ropeway which was built half a century ago for a ski jump ramp and then reopened for the FIFA World Cup.

The main business cluster in Moscow with twenty-two skyscrapers of different heights, shapes, and colors. There are two observation decks in the high-rises: one on the 89th floor of the Federation Tower and one on the 92nd floor of the Oko building. In addition, some of the skyscrapers have restaurants with panoramic views, and on the 56th floor of the Imperia Tower, there is a Museum of skyscrapers and high-rise construction. It also offers a great view of the city.

The upper floors of each of the seven high-rises offer panoramic views, but not all of them are accessible. The most affordable option is to go up to the observation deck of the Ukraina Hotel or rent a room or an apartment in one of the residential high-rises. Getting into Moscow State University and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is more difficult, but sometimes tours of the buildings are available.

A landscape reserve with rich flora and fauna, the eastern hill of which offers an unusual panoramic view of the western part of Moscow. From the top, you can see the towers of Moscow-City from an unusual angle, the spacious Fili Park, and the cable-stayed Zhivopisny Bridge over the Moskva River. There is no observation deck nor even benches on the hill, but you can bring your own throw blanket and sit on the grass and admire the city view.

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