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Vinyl Records Stores

Where to look for rare records and cult albums


Today, vinyl is treasured not only by collectors and lovers of vintage: it is the most popular analog medium in the world, and modern musicians are increasingly publishing their tracks on vinyl records. We'll let you know where to find your favorite music records in Moscow.

After a series of moves, one of the oldest stores in the city has found its home in Bauman Garden. DiG is owned by famous Moscow musicians, so you're sure to find quite a variety here: there is jazz, funk and soul, hip-hop and electronic music, as well as several sections with guitar music of all kinds and many records by contemporary Russian musicians. You can buy a record player and all the accessories for it too—the owners assemble and repair the equipment themselves.

A cozy record shop in one of Moscow's main music venues, the Aviator art cluster. The store is owned by DJ Ilya Kot and the lead singer of the band Tarakany! Dmitry Spirin, who bring most of the shop's records from Europe. The range includes modern guitar music, as well as jazz and soul. You can pre-order new albums, and if you buy several items, they will give you a good discount.

A spacious record store in one of the old Arbat courtyards, specializing in rare editions and original vinyl presses. There are about 20,000 rock and pop records, and the prices depend on the edition: you can find a classic album for 300–400 rubles, but for a collector's copy, you'll have to pay at least ten thousand. The store also has a repair service where you can bring a scratched record or a broken record player.

A shop on Pokrovka with a large selection of Soviet pop music on vinyl. Records are treated here as artifacts of a long-forgotten time, but that's a plus: the range includes everything, and sometimes you can buy a rare or even collectible record for 500 rubles. In the summer, on weekends, the store organizes free markets in the courtyard, where not only books are brought in—you can even get records for free or bring your own to exchange.

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