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Moscow on any budget: New Year’s under 1,500 rubles

New Year’s entertainment for children and adults


In the “Moscow on any budget” section, we talk about how to plan your leisure time advantageously. The selection features the most interesting New Year’s Eve shows, which will entertain both children and adults.

The only stage production at the capital’s most famous film studio is its New Year’s performance. This year, viewers will see the show Happiness Exists, a holiday fairy tale about the adventures of Ded Moroz. The show will be presented in a multimedia format: the theatrical performance will feature scenes from movies and cartoons, while the music will be performed by a chamber orchestra. After the show, guests can visit the Mosfilm Museum, which displays artifacts from cinematic history. Tickets for the Happiness Exists show cost 1,000–1,500 rubles, depending on the seats.

The Experimental Museum has prepared a scientific New Year’s show: viewers will see Ded Moroz as an employee of the Laboratory of Science and Magic and witness some fantastic experiments. In the plot, just before the New Year, mistakes in the experiments lead to a time portal opening, which participants in the show travel through. They will meet the great scientists of the past, help them make their scientific discoveries, and at the end, get memorable gifts from them. Tickets prices begin at 800 rubles.

On New Year’s Eve, the Maly Theatre is staging Adventures of Christmas Toys, a dramatic story about the anticipation of magic accompanied by classical music. Despite the nostalgic plot, the play will be interesting for both children and adults, and the vivid acting will leave no one unmoved. Tickets cost from 600 rubles and can be bought at the box office or on the theater’s website.

Crocus City Hall traditionally hosts the biggest New Year’s shows for children. This year’s program features the fairytale show The Christmas Tree of the Mult Channel: a thrilling story about a New Year’s Eve show in the fictional country of Multimir. The stage production is remarkable for its technological effects: special multimedia decorations will be designed exclusively for it, and the show will use pyrotechnics and complex lighting effects. Ticket prices begin at 1,500 rubles.

The Miracle of a Burning Heart is a traditional musical performance at Cathedral of Christ the Savior, performed during the last days of the outgoing year and Christmas week. It is a story of adventures on Christmas Eve. The plot is based on the search for answers to eternal questions: how evil appears and what can defeat it. This year, the audience will see an updated version of The Miracle of a Burning Heart: actors from several well-known Moscow theaters have been engaged in this holiday production, and the traditional setting has been enriched with multimedia images. Ticket prices begin at 1,000 rubles. 

Soyuzmultpark has brought together characters from iconic cartoons and fairy tales for a holiday performance. Accompanied by detective Pechkin, they will interact with recognizable characters and find lost presents. The program also features dances, quests and a light show.

The cyber fairy tale The Age of Machines, a unique project of the Polina Zotina Theater, will be performed at the VDNKh House of Culture. The main actors in the play are four-meter tall robots, and the play is interactive, so the audience can influence the plot. The scenario is based on the eternal conflict between nature and technology, which will be resolved thanks to New Year’s miracles. Ticket prices begin at 1,200 rubles.

An experimental rendition of Hoffmann’s fairy tale The Nutcracker will be presented by an actor of the Natalia Sats Children’s Musical Theater, who will read the text of the fairy tale accompanied by thematic organ music, which will be played by winners of international music competitions: excerpts from Tchaikovsky’s ballet will be performed on the cathedral’s historic organ, on a modern electric organ, and in a duet with the piano. The average ticket price is 1,500 rubles.

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