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A day in Zamoskvorechye

Museums, restaurants, and bars

Музей Бахрушина

Zamoskvorechye is a large district inside the Garden Ring where you can easily spend an entire day. Its cozy-feel lanes and a wealth of architectural gems are among everyone's favorites. Here, you will find the State Tretyakov Gallery alongside other museums. Besides, it is an important locality in Moscow's theater-verse. Zamoskvorechye is home to two major theaters and one of the world's largest museums of theatrical art.

The red brick ensemble with gilded domes is a remarkable specimen of Baroque architecture. The bell tower, also known as the Kadashev Candle, dominates the complex.

An exhaustive collection of Russian artistic masterpieces from the late 11th to early 20th centuries, including famous works like Andrei Rublev's Trinity and Ivan Shishkin's Morning in a Pine Forest.

A minimalistic coffee shop promoting alternative coffee brewing methods.

A large theater museum in a pseudogothic 19th-century building. The museum's collection comprises a variety of exhibits and spans multiple museums and galleries related to Moscow's theater.

The first repertory theater of clownery, directed by Teresa Durova. Today, the theater offers over 30 performances for children and adults.

The theater occupies an Art Nouveau mansion from 1910. Its signature play is Tender Night adapted from the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This production has been staged here for over 20 years.

One of three cozy home-cuisine bar & restaurant joints. The halls are full of old books, lampshades, and soft sofas with fabric upholstery. It all comes together to form the atmosphere of a Moscow apartment with a rich history.

A nordic restaurant that offers dishes cooked from local produce and outbound dinners in the countryside. The main ingredients found in this restaurant's dishes are wild game, root vegetables, seasonal vegetables, and wild plants.

The most Instagram-worthy dining location in Zamoskvorechye with Middle Eastern cuisine and blue and terracotta interiors.

A café with a family atmosphere and the most tender Slavic quark pancakes (syrniks) and cocoa served with a little marshmallow bear. It's better to book your table in advance.

An underground space with signature cocktails, contemporary Jewish cuisine, and a colossal stained glass window in the form of the all-seeing eye.

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