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Late Breakfasts in Moscow

Where to have breakfast for late risers


Most Moscow establishments have a separate breakfast menu, but it is usually served only until 10–11 am. But there are some options for those who need more time to get the table of their favorite cafe. We have selected several restaurants where it is possible to have a nice breakfast closer to midday (and in some, even around the clock).

This is a restaurant with an open kitchen combined with a bakery. Breakfasts are served until 12:00 pm. It offers a choice of four types of porridge and the same number of egg dishes, toast with avocado, Japanese and American pancakes, cottage cheese fritters, granola, and fluffy zucchini pancakes. Additional ingredients can be ordered for each dish, such as nuts, fruit, or vegetables.

Similarly to Cook’kareku, this cafe serves breakfast at any time of day, and it offers take out for eating on the go. The menu features a Dutch pancake on a hot frying pan, potato flapjacks with salmon rillette, eggs Benedict, and porridges. The selection of original types of coffee and, what is most essential, the opportunity to consume unlimited filter coffee make a nice bonus.

This is a bar which also offers the option of round-the-clock breakfast: there is toast with avocado, home-style cottage cheese fritters, pancakes, potato waffles, and shakshuka. One more hearty option—two eggs cooked to your liking (sunny side up, omelet, scrambled, or poached), served with salad, fried toast, and bacon. Filter coffee is included with any breakfast.

This is great place for breakfast: the bright and stylish interior design in blue shades will set you up for a great day. The coffee shop offers breakfast until 6:00 pm. Order an omelet with ricotta and avocado, a poached egg on fluffy pancakes with bacon and mushrooms, or a croissant with scrambled eggs and bacon. For breakfast, they even offer pizza with mushroom, egg, bacon, and tomato.

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