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Five Top Exhibitions in Moscow This Summer

Famous art collections and the history of dueling


Hide from the heat, wait out a rain, or get acquainted with art—you can and should do all of this in the museums of the Russian capital. We will tell about five high-profile exhibitions this summer: French Impressionists and their Russian contemporaries, famous duelists, the Belle Epoque preserved on posters and billboards, and young Muscovites and Viennese caught by the camera lens.


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The Duel: From Trial by Combat to a Noble Crime

Until August 14

The phenomenon of dueling—the art of the fight and a noble crime

This exhibition describes the evolution of the concept of the duel over decades: from a medieval method for serving justice to a prohibited practice for defending honor and dignity. It is open in the Assumption Belfry and the Patriarch’s Palace and features 160 exhibits which depict the phenomenon of dueling in Western Europe in the 16th–18th centuries. The most interesting and rare are armor with gold and silver inlays, dueling weapons, engravings, manuscripts, fencing manuals, treatises on judicial combat, and portraits of famous duelists and documentary evidence of their punishments.

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