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Dogs Welcome: Places in Moscow to Go with Pets

Galleries, coffee shops, parks, and cafes which allow dogs


We will tell you where you can go with your dog to look at art, drink coffee, have dinner, or meet friends without being told that dogs are not allowed.

It is, naturally, an interesting question whether it is convenient to bring a dog to exhibitions and look at the exhibits. One of the first contemporary art galleries in the capital welcomes dogs, but before visiting on opening day, for example, it is important to remember that exhibition openings can be quite packed, and a pet may be frightened, especially one not used to noisy crowds.

The main rule for the contemporary art gallery is that your dog must be leashed at all times and must be polite with other guests. If that rule is followed, there will be no problems, and, perhaps, your dog may even pose a little competition for the art on display. Visitors to Cube Moscow can bring their dogs to visit the gallery, museum, and cafe.

Dogs are welcome throughout the territory of Winzavod: see the works of contemporary artists in the exhibition halls, have lunch or drink coffee in the local cafes, and browse for pleasant trinkets in the design or souvenir shops.

Anyone who loves underground art, the spirit of nonconformism, and prefers to go everywhere with their dog will enjoy the Zverev Center.

This may be an ideal option: stop by with your dog for a cup of coffee after a walk on Pokrovka. Dogs are not offered espresso or lattes, but they will be gladly provided with a bowl of water.

This is another pleasant cafe where you can sip a latte or raf coffee, while your dog enjoys the quiet, your company, and some fresh water after a walk.

This restaurant is loved not only for its unique interpretation of Israeli cuisine and atmosphere of a new-wave Tel Aviv cafe, but also for its careful attention to pets. Advance notice is required if you want to bring your dog: the management will explain a few simple rules. For example, if your pet is small and prefers to sit in a chair, it will be best to bring a blanket from home.

This restaurant was one of the first establishments in Moscow to declare a dog-friendly attitude. Guests with dogs are welcome: the staff will certainly ask your dog’s name and wish him a good day, and they will not look askance or make remarks if you stealthily treat your four-legged friend to a pizza crust.

Dogs are permitted in this Nordic restaurant, but note that the tables are placed quite close together, and your pet (particularly if he is large) may feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Visit this 19th-century mansion on Taganka for lunch or dinner, to watch a film, listen to music, meet with friends, or just enjoy a summer evening on the large terrace in the courtyard. Dogs are welcome, although a concert may not be the best occasion for canine company, especially if your dog does not like loud noises.

This veranda bar is an absolutely dog-friendly place. If you want to drink a glass or two in the company of a crab and your beloved dog, this is the place for you. If you wish to dine with your dog inside, it is best to book a table in advance, and a suitable place will be chosen for you. Another benefit: the restaurant will offer your dog not only a bowl of water, but snacks as well.

This small cafe in Krasnaya Presnya is cozy and pleasant in all respects: guests with dogs are welcome, and the staff will treat your dog to a bowl of water and, maybe, ask if they can scratch him behind his ears.

Dog owners love this place for its nearness to the city center, the green of the trees, the quiet, the ponds, and the squirrels. These last, according to those who walk in Neskuchny regularly, are extremely active and not afraid of anything.

This is not only an ideal place for a run, a film screening, or a picnic in the fresh air, but also for a walk with your dog. The rules are simple: pick up after your faithful friend, keep him on the leash, and do not forget a muzzle if you are unsure of how your pet will behave when meeting other dogs.

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