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The most beautiful 10 embankments of Moscow

Views of the Kremlin, manufactories and skyscrapers


We tell you which Moscow embankments are suitable for picturesque walking tours: where to look for the constructivist gems, an installation based on Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings, and where just to sit among blooming peonies, drink coffee and look at the water.

Views of the river and main attractions

The most famous and one of the most popular embankments of the capital stretches along the Kremlin walls. While walking along it, you can see everything – wonderful views open not only on the river, but also on Red Square with ancient Kremlin towers: Vodovzvodnaya, Taynitskaya, Petrovskaya, Moskvoretskaya, the First and Second Unnamed. The manor ensemble of Zotov Chambers and the Alexander Garden overlook the embankment.

Lots of flowers, benches and interesting attractions

On the one hand, the Moskva River and the Peter the Great Statue, on the other, the Muzeon Park, and the embankment itself is a landscaped park area in the heart of Moscow, with fountains, bike paths, amphitheaters, beautiful designer furniture and pavilions where artists sell their works. Here lindens are green, hedge roses, acacias, cornflowers, lavender and peonies are blooming. There are also several interesting attractions. For example, a sculptural installation dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci: a gilded square and several circles form a sphere, in the center of which anyone can stand and feel like a Vitruvian man.

Stalinist Empire style and constructivism reflected in the water

You should go here because of the unique architectural ensemble – the view is like on a postcard or a cinema screen. The main attraction of the embankment is the famous Stalin skyscraper, one of the symbols of Moscow, crowned with a spire and a star. In addition to the famous house, there is a unique building of the almshouse built by the Mazurin merchants in 1887, two houses of the 1920s in the style of constructivism and other masterpieces of architecture.

Architectural guide to different styles and eras

Three kilometers of flower beds, benches and deck chairs. Here you can ride bicycles or roller skates, take a leisurely walk, admire the city and its reflection. The unique architectural ensemble is a kind of guide to the history of the capital: the embankment begins with the constructivist building of the Trekhgornaya Manufactory power plant and the White House (House of the Government of the Russian Federation), and ends at the foot of the futuristic Moscow City skyscrapers.

Cathedral of Christ the Savior and fabulous houses

On Prechistenskaya Embankment, you should admire the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, walk along one of the most beautiful pedestrian bridges in the capital and enjoy views of amazing architectural monuments: for example, red-brick Pertsov’s Tenement House with tiles. It looks like the pages of a book of Russian fairy tales.

Chocolate, secret museum and picturesque views

Another one of the central and beautiful embankments of Moscow starts from the island arrow and ends at the Kamenny Bridge. The main architectural dominants are the building of the Red October factory, which now houses an art cluster and the famous House on the Embankment, an architectural monument of constructivism by Boris Iofan, once the tallest residential building in the capital. By the way, there is a museum in the house created by the residents – it shows the famous inhabitants of the high-rise building and the era.

Water artery of the capital oldest district

The embankment in Zamoskvorechye is suitable for walks, during which you want to feel the atmosphere of the city: on one side there are modern buildings, on the other – historical architecture. Near the water are the impressive buildings of the Paris Commune shoe factory, unique garages of the 1920s – rare examples of constructivism, and the headquarters of a telecommunications company in a 1913 building.

500 meters of recreation area near the water in the center of Moscow

A cozy and small embankment in the historical center of the capital is well suited for a leisurely rest by the water: there are scenic shops (you should look at the factory buildings of the Golutvinskaya Manufactory built in the 19th century, and old residential buildings), flowers bloom, coffee houses and bars work.

The oldest embankment of the capital

From the oldest embankment in Moscow located between the Bolshoy Ustyinsky and Moskvoretsky Bridges, a wonderful view of the Middle Trading Rows, the Kremlin Complex, Vasilyevsky Spusk and St. Basil’s Cathedral opens up.

Ecological oasis in the big city

The embankment stretches along the historical ensemble of the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve and is distinguished by its simplicity and scale. On the one hand – lush trees, shrubs, on the other – the bank decorated with wild stone. You can sit on the benches, feed the birds and squirrels, play chess (chess players like to gather here) and enjoy the silence and fresh air.

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